[03-24 12:41] Jericho: its ok, fear my graphics rendering ability

[03-24 12:41] d2d: I prefer stick figures, but that one is nice too

[03-24 12:42] d2d: like, a stick figure giving another one head in the background would have made 
              it to my "blocker" list.

[03-24 12:42] Jericho: hah

[03-24 12:42] Jericho: DULY NOTED

[03-24 12:43] d2d: guaranteed to if the one receiving was labeled 'd2d' and the giver 'lyger'

[03-24 7:49] Jericho: clone-streamline1a.png

[03-24 7:50] Lyger: FAGS

[03-24 7:51] Jericho: you are smoking the pole in that rendering sir.

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