From: Ryan S (
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 22:32:08 -0500
Subject: Thanks

I for one want to thank you all for your enduring presence in cyberspace.
When I was a kid hanging out in OTS on battlenet, toying around with back
orifice, and making my parents windows machine work again after I sent it to
fubarland, it was folks like yall that steered me away from skull and bones
script kiddie crap and instilled in me a deep sense of cynicism with the
general scene of things and a deep curiosity with how things really work..
 I remember the good old days of toying around with the page source on newly
defaced sites looking for messages and stuff, and yall's  auto-byline 'water
mark or something' is burned into my brain for life.
My only disappointment was when I got into Linux and was pretty sure I was a
super hacker, learning about apache, I sent yall a message via non existing
url's and fully expected to get one back in my error logs. I was like a kid
waiting for Santa Claus. Yall could have made my day, 8 years or so ago.
 If people are making money off of what yall do, why not go commercial. Like
cult of the dead cow. And if people are making money off of yall, you're
doing something right and your not taking into account the people you are
influencing like you did me that are'nt on that level of things. But I'm
about cynical as I wanna get without destroying myself, and I am sure you
folks are doing just fine on the business side of things.
 Adios, RJS

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