From: lewis william (
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 21:54:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: assistance

Hi Jericho,

  I came across while desperately looking for some help. I hope that I find it via you.

  Here is the situation:

  I work as a car salesman (despicable in most people's eyes) in Canada who actually helps people to 
get a fair deal, steering them clear of lemons and acts as the customer's advocate to insure that the 
profit made is fair, not obscene.

  My employers (owner and managers) are very racist (I'm a half breed - half caucasion, half 
Cherokee/Osage) and I have been forced to tolerate their crude remarks for a very long time. I am also 
a parent raising 9 children, so every dollar I earn goes to fedding and clothing them, their education,
sports, music lessons, etc.

  For years I have been stolen from by the sales managers and owner, difficult to prove, but not impossible. 
A conservative amount taken from me (that I know of) is well over $50,000. I have had a belly full of 
their shit and am about to push their bus off a cliff (figuratively, not literally). What they do is 
highly illegal, but very, very difficult to prove unless one can access the right information. Here is 
just one of the ways they have been ripping me off:

  1. I sell a vehicle, and say there is $2,500 commissionable gross (the sales person earns a percentage 
of that gross, commonly 25%. Commissionable gross is the profit margin between the unit actual costs and 
the final selling price). To reduce that commissionable gross employers fabricate ficticious work that 
"had" to be done and bill it against the unit, apply fees that don't really exist, etc. so that the 
commissionable gross that the salesperson's paid on is now less than $1,000. Now instead of making a 
$625 commission, I end up with less than $250. On each unit the amount ($375) stolen is small, but 
multiply that by 400 units a year.

  The act is officially called penciling. The difficulty in catching someone is twofold. On one hand, 
a person needs to access and download all the computerized documents to prove there was a blatant 
descrepancy between the real costs and ficticious amounts charged to the unit. On the other hand the
person needs copies of all the internal email history to prove that the thefts were conscious, 
premeditated and deliberate.

  Our dealership uses a web based inventory, billing and accounting program called The Reynolds and 
Reynolds Company ( Every email, deal, service record, etc. is in their database. To catch 
these rotten bastards I need to get a backup of the last three years entries. Everything that I need
to hang them out to dry is there, but I do not have the expertise to know how to download it. I can 
provide user names, passwords, etc. to provide access for anyone who is willing to help, as well as 
immunity from prosecution (I have some pretty heavy political connections).

  I will be turning the information over to the RCMP, the Human Rights Commissions, federal and 
provincial Attorney Generals and Revenue Canada (our IRS). By assisting them to catch these corporate 
crooks, whoever helps will never need to worry about any legal repercussion (especially since I have no
damn intention of ever revealing my source(s) anyway).

  If you, or anyone you know, is willing to help catch these dirty f___kers, I would be very interested 
in discussing it in much greater detail. As to payment, as you may have ascertained, my funds are pretty 
limited, but I will do all I can to financially reward someone for their help.

  Thanx, Jericho, for being there for peeps like me.


From: Cancer Omega (
To: lewis william (
Cc:, Heathens (
Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 17:22:32 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re: assistance

On Thu, 22 May 2008, lewis william wrote:

> I can provide user names, passwords, etc. to provide access for anyone who is willing to help, as 
> well as immunity from prosecution (I have some pretty heavy political connections).

Nice.  And I have a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn for sale.  If you're so politically connected, then 
why aren't you using your connections to hang these fucks out to dry?

Bottom line: I'd need a written, signed and notarized letter to break your nation's laws from the head 
of the RCMP, your local head magistrate, the head of the FBI, *and* my local sheriff, all on government 
letterhead, before even *thinking* about committing computer crime on your behalf.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't fly, I don't wear a cape, and I don't have a big red "S" on my chest.  
And I sure as fuck don't stick my neck into fucking around with computer systems in nations that have 
extradition treaties with my homeland.


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