Czarina's review of The Sin Eater

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 12:12:39 +0000
From: graham williams (
Subject: The Sin Eater

Dear Csarina

i am so sorry that you did not enjoy The Sin Eater.  Or,  have you perhaps been
instructed to demolish it by others, perhaps members of the Roman Catholic

Are you aware for example, that the practice of sin eating has an on-going
tradition in Wales.  Also, that there is a strong (but hidden) oral tradition
amongst several families throughout that country, particularly in the middle
and northern regions?  I enjoyed the film and have watched the DVD several
times.  It helps me make sense of the rumours that i have heard..... and of
course Heath Ledger's acting is wonderful.

To conclude,  i hope that the opinions that you have expressed about The Sin
Eater are your personal opinions (i acknowledge your right to do this) and that
you have not been influenced by the establishment to deny and suppress anything
that it fears.

best wishes


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