From: leonard skinnard (
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Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 07:22:03 -0600
Subject: HACK JOB


I've heard you do some hacking, I have been looking for a hacker to do 
a one time job for me if you are interested.  It would be hacking into 
a wireless laptop and retrieving "Windows Live Messenger" .xml history 
from someones directory:  
c:\documents and settings\\my documents\my recieved documents\\history\.  
I need all the history files.  

Are you up for the job? Let me know and how much this will cost.


From: d2d (
To: leonard skinnard (
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 18:44:38 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re: HACK JOB


Not saying we'll do it, but, if you have access to a supply of yellow 
squash (16 inches or greater in length), we might have 
grounds from which to establish business.

I have a postal address to which they should be sent.  Initial 
'good-faith' shipment should be at least 6 gords.  Our acceptance of said 
shipment in no way indicates we will do anything whatsoever.  But it would 
establish a relationship -- a key requirement in any transaction.

We will not disclose why we need the aforementioned produce, except to say 
it is going to extremely good use, and will NOT be returned under any 
circumstance (at least not in its original condition).

Please note:  Produce may not be shipped from overseas.  Should you be 
from overseas, we have a substitute albeit related requirement of 12 
re-runs of 'Full House', not including episodes 13 through 24.  The first 
12 would earn you serious attention.  Must be on DVD.  As with the gord 
requirement, receipt of these DVD's in no way indicates acceptance on our 
part towards doing anything whatsoever.  Oh, if you have the one where the 
kid drives the fucking car through the kitchen, that'd be kickass.  That 
shit is priceless baby, PRICELESS.

Are you still interested?

-Dee Dee

d2d didn't save the response (jerk), but it's quoted in his reply.

From: d2d (
To: leonard skinnard (
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 15:00:35 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: RE: HACK JOB

Very Important Questions:

If you already _know_ your girlfriend is cheating on you, then why go 
through all the trouble of hiring someone to acquire instant 
messanger history?

As you've referred to her as your 'girlfriend', I'm inclined to assume you 
arent married, in which case, why don't you just walk away?

Did you know that almost 50% of adults engaged in relationships commit 
adultery at least once?  That's a FACT!  But did you also know that 
working through it is very possible, and in most cases serves to actually 
strengthen the relationship?

Statistically speaking, most adultery occurs as a result of 
mis-communication and a lack of nuturing the relationship.

Are you attentive to her?  Do you communicate with her?  When was the 
last time you actually did something  special for her, like, buy her 
flowers, or go down on her?  I'm not kidding about going down either, 
statistically speaking couples who engage in regular oral sex are 80% more 
likely to maintain a faithful and healthy relationship.

Have you confronted her about your concerns?  How did that go?

Once we've had the opportunity to examine these questions a little 
further, and you've disclosed to me your REAL name (as I don't put my neck 
out for no-names), perhaps we can proceed with this.

And yes, I was kidding around with the gord's, but not really about the 
full house DVD's.  That show is the bomb-shizzle.

- Dee Dee

On Tue, 9 Oct 2007, leonard skinnard wrote:

: Dee Dee, 
: Thanks for your response.  Based on your e-mail, I'm not sure if you are 
: serious or not about this, your absolutely right, I have no guarantee you 
: will do anything for me, what can we do about this?  With regards to the 
: "Yellow Squash" it sounds like a very strange request, I live in Canada, 
: where do you live?  
: With regards to the "Full House DVD" if you are really that big of a fan, 
: and it means that much to you I can get you this:
: though I will need some sort of reassurance that you will do this, I am a 
: man of my word.
: My girlfriend is cheating on me, are you capable of doing this?  Let me 
: know how you would like to proceed. 
:  Rocky

From: leonard skinnard (
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To: d2d (
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 15:08:53 -0600
Subject: RE: HACK JOB

Thanks for your response. 

Well here is the deal.  We have been together for about 10 years now, and we 
have had our ups and downs as every relationship has had.  We are good together, 
we love each other, she says she is happy, though we find because we spend so 
much time together we are not concentrating on building up our own lives.  
There are things that we need to satisfy in our own lives that is getting left 
behind, like getting that good job, moving out of our parents home, finishing 
school, getting a car ect...  

I received an opportunity to work on a series overseas for about 4 months, she 
had said something to the effect of, she had held back from a lot of opportunities
because she didn't want to leave me and now that I get one I just leave.  So we 
realized we were getting in each others way so we decided to take a break from 
the relationship, though we still love each other.  We made it clear this break 
was to get our lives sorted out and come back together once it is.   

So I left for 4 months and came back to find out she now has a job which I was 
very proud of her for, but she also had something else...feelings for another 
guy... She had developed feelings for this guy over the course of the summer, 
and he was a friend of her cousins, they happen to be in a room together at the 
same time alone and he kissed her, and she liked it.  She told me all of this, 
and says that she still loves me, and would be the obvious choice, but she 
doesn't want to deny her feelings, she said that she needs to figure things out, 
figure out what she should do.   In the meantime I'm hanging in the balance, just 
waiting, and maybe there is nothing to wait for...maybe she has moved on and 
doesn't have the gull to tell me.  This is the longest time we have ever been 
apart from each other, maybe this is saying something, I don't know... 

That's were you come in, I need to find out, I need to get those conversations 
from MSN and map that directory to my hard drive so I can see where this is 
going, if we still have a chance or if we are finished.  I hope all of this 
makes sense.  With regards to doing nice things for her, she admit herself, this 
had NOTHING to do with me, I have been a great boyfriend, and her best friend, 
super loyal, I could have done things when I went away, but all I could think 
about was her, she just needs time to figure out her feelings.  I was her 1st 
boyfriend, so maybe this is her way of trying to figure out what else is out 
there before we get serious and or married.   

So are you in?  How do we get started?  Send me your address and I can have 
the "Full House DVD" delivered priority mail if your interested.  

 - Rocky Mindanao

From: d2d (
To: leonard skinnard (
Cc: lyger (
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 16:10:54 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: RE: HACK JOB

Ok Rocky,

I'm CC'ing Lyger on this, as he's our resident specialist.

More questions:

1) You are soliciting me to hack into a foreign computer.
2) You are soliciting me to then install what amounts to a backdoor so you 
can spy on your girlfriend.
3) These are all crimes and are all offenses that would be pursued by the 
highest levels of law enforcement, given the international nature of it 
4) I thought you loved her?

Espionage is really not the makings of a healthy relationship.  I do not 
believe she'd categorize you as a 'great boyfriend' if she knew you were 
soliciting internationally for hackers to break into her computer.  But I 

Here's how we get started:

Make a donation to : 

United Poultry Concerns, Inc.

20$ donation minimum, so I know you mean business.  Then I want proof of 
the donation, so a forward of the confirmation email or screenshot of the 
confirmation page.  Redact any credit card info as you see fit.  Don't 
bother writing up a forgery, I know exactly what the confirmation looks 
like, and I know someone at UPCi who cross-references for me.

This serves two purposes:

1) helps a good cause
2) shows me you mean business
3) shows me you are who you say you are.

We do this because we receive COUNTLESS solicitations like this, most of 
them are people who are not committed or people trying to jerk our massive 
collective junk around. This is our way of doing a little weeding out.

After that is done, I'll need some information about the person in 
particular, whatever info you feel is relevant and needed.  Don't waste 
my time with BS though unless I ask for BS, which in your case I might, as 
I still think you should pursue a better, healthier path here.

Lastly, once I've gotten proof of the donation, and some general info as 
requested, then I'll make a decision on the course of action, and send you 
the details on what else is needed for the process IF I DECIDE THERE WILL 
BE A PROCESS.  You run the job, but I run the show.  And don't forget it.  
You got two weeks to set it up.

So get on that shit.  


Dee Dee

Again, d2d fails at saving mails. Fortunately he is too lazy to trim the quoted material.

From: d2d (
To: leonard skinnard (
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 14:01:04 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: RE: HACK JOB

In other words, you've been completely wasting my time, haven't you?

Talk to her man!  Lay it all out there!  Tell her you need to know where 
she's leaning so you can move on with your life.  Tell her you won't go 
postal if it isn't in your favor, tell her you just want to know so you 
can plan your own life.  And if she won't do that for you, if she wont be 
truthful and upfront about it, DUMP HER.

Once you are single, gather 10 of your best buddies, buy airline 
tickets to Corpus Christi Texas, rent a bus there and drive the thing with 
you buddies to Laredo, about 50 miles west of CC.  Cross the border into 
Mexico, ask a local where Boy's Town is, and head over to the donkey show.  
Spend the weekend there, try your luck yourself with the animal if you're 
so inclined, and when your sufficiently over your girlfriend as you've been 
watching a donkey destroy some chick all weekend (or some chick destroy a 
donkey, as it may be), then marry the donkey chick, and import her (and 
the donkey if you like, or just the donkey even) in the bus back into the 
US.  Live happily ever after.

If she chooses you, then marry her (10 years of dating dude??)  Make 
babies, GET OUT OF YOUR PARENTS HOUSE, and live happily ever after.

My advice?  Everytime you kiss her, you are actually kissing him, cause 
she kissed him.  Every time you 'do' her, it's as if you were rubbing junk 
with him, cause she's done him.

Ditch the broad and find yourself an unsoiled chick.  Preferably with 
tattoo's and no inhibitions (like the donkey show chick, I mean NO 
inhibitions).  The less self respect she has, the more fun YOU have.  
Though I guess that skews my concept of 'unsoiled' doesn't it.

Oh well.

: Dee Dee, your right...
: I think doing this would compromise who I am as a person, this is not 
: something I would do.  I'm just really hurt, I want to make things work, 
: but I'm not sure if she wants to, she says she needs to "Figure out her 
: feelings"  I don't know how long that is going to take and what that 
: involves, and in the meantime I'm hanging in the balance.  I do love 
: her, so I don't think I will be doing this anymore, though if you have 
: any suggestions besides "going down on her" (do you do that to your
: girlfriend?)  then I' am more than happy to listen.  
: Thanks for your time and consideration, 
: Rocky

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