Sometimes mails like this make it all worth the while.

From: Eliyahuman (
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 10:43:40 -0500
Subject: High Satire

Dear attrition folk,
the lawyers for Medica were trying to intimidate you, as a company, now
basically defunct, was trying to intimidate the Linux folk, into
compliance.  You did not cower in fear; you did not run squealing like a
bitch. You acted like a mensch.
You know, and I know, that they are hiding what happened because they
erased the evidence. I may not have proof, nor you either, but we know. The
exchange of letters, e-mails, is high satire, though real event. Mort Sahl
would be proud; Juvenal would be proud too.

We salute you.

Thomas Elias Weatherly, Chief Enquirer
Subliminal Eclectic Enquiry

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