From: saeed samani (
To: "" (
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 02:34:15 +0430
Subject: hi pls help me...

Hi - someone has tapped into my yahoo account and change the password
. I didn't nitice while registration any of my personal info. Please help me
retreive my password so I can get back into my emails .
I ask you if it possible hack my email account and get the password cause
all I want is all my files and documents existing in my email box to be
deleted. bacause this hacker use them against me and my personnal life is in
danger. pls he's allways treathing me that he will published them all in my
company where I work.
my email was:
please hack it and delete all my documents and all informations in my box.
I'm using my boy friend's email for sending this message to you. thanks a

From: submicron (
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 09:13:01 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: hi pls help me... (fwd)

Dear Cicilia,

Of course we are terribly concerned over your plight!  You have clearly 
been the victim of a most insidious hacker.  Fortunately, we here at are here to help you.  Of course it will be necessary to 
verify a few key pieces of information from you to ensure that you are 
who you say you are and not say, some angry ex-boyfriend who is stalking 
you and trying desperately to break into your email account to stalk and 
harass any new men that you may have in your life.

Please simply verify the following things and we will be very happy to 
assist you in this endeavor:

1) Please verify your age by providing your date of birth
2) Please verify your identity by providing a picture of yourself 
   (headshots are acceptable but a full-length picture would be preferred)
3) Please verify the city and state (and country if not in the United 
   States) in which you currently reside.

If we find this information to be satisfactory, we will be happy to 
work with you further.

Sincerely and truly,


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