From: Espen Hagen (
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 19:50:04 +0800
Subject: Can you help me?

Hi Jericho!

I need your help. Im a 26 year old male from Norway, and I am a pilot flying Boeing 737. 
I need your help to retrive some information in a computerbank. Can you  or somebody else 
help me?? My life depends on it....

Best Regards


From: Cancer Omega (
To: Espen Hagen (
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 12:47:11 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Can you please help me.....!

On Mon, 8 Jan 2007, Espen Hagen wrote:

> Hi Comega!
> My name is Espen and i am 26 years old from Norway.

Okay, enough with the social niceties.

> I have a problem and was wondering if you could help me with two things. 
> 1:I need you to access a computersystem here
> in Norway 2: Delete some information which lies within the server. *that's* what the police were wanting to know when they called me and 
asked about you.  It's all clear to me now.

> Please help me do this, as my life is in a very thin thread! I will provide you 
> with all the necessary information if you can do this for me!

So I'm supposed to stick my dick out in traffic for someone I don't even know and 
break international laws just because you're too fucking dumb to conduct your personal 
affairs in a sane and legal manner?

I can't wait to send Interpol to your fucking front door.  Tuck your head between your 
legs and kiss your dumb ass goodbye.


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