A nice xmas eve "gift" from a pretty cool person... too bad she never mails me anymore. She was alone on xmas eve and mailed us... nice. - Lyger

From: Sara (sara@gmail.com)
To: staff@attrition.org
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 22:43:27 -0500
Subject: Hi Nerds

Hi. I am a lowly microsoft programmer, which is something I am embarrassed
to say to Unix gods such as yourselves. I'm sitting here, Christmas eve with
my laptop in my lap for the 4th hour in a row working on a project that is
due after the break. There is no chestnuts roasting or mice stirring(ew,
Moore should have been a lot more concerned with the fact that his home was
infested rather than writing seasonal poetry), it's just me, my cat, and my
databind() (I just started using C#, I'm more of a Jr programmer than
anything so it's not like I am banging stuff out. My title IS software
engineer not Jr Software Engineer, something I really stressed when I was

Anyway, just wanted to thank you guys for keeping me entertained while I
distract ,myself on the Internet tonight. I got many a laugh out of your
going postal section and really admire the fact that you only do this for
your own entertainment. I know you aren't an Internet Gang (as stressed by
your staff page) however, I think it would be a fun idea to start one\.
While, I probably couldn't do much more than updating your web page (I do
appreciate the simplicity of it) I would definitely focus my contributions
on important gang facets, like, colors and tatts and initiation rituals.
It's definitely something to consider.

Ok, I really need to get back to figure out why my FindControl can't tell
that my checkbox is INDEED CHECKED it sounds simple, but I think it has to
do with the fact that it's not bound to my datagrid. (the fact that none of
my programming jargon will impress you makes me feel extremely impotent)

F Christmas.

Jr Nerd,


myspace.com/Sara-- ok, so I don't have my own webpage, I just don't share
your rampant nercisism.

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