From: Laura Watkins (
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 13:38:58 -0800
Subject: fan mail

        I wandered over to Attrition a couple months ago, I think following a link on 
the Bernard Shifman page, and now I'm an ardent fan of the Going Postal section.  I'm 
afraid the main meat of the site is beyond my feeble comprehension, for I am only a humble 
English major (and if you ask me what I intend to do after I graduate, I will be compelled to 
weep on my keyboard until it becomes clogged with slime), but I do enjoy reading over the 
Postal messages.   I am always pleased to see people exhibiting good sense and good language 
skills, particularly on the Internet.  In gratitude for the entertainment, I offer the following

      Ha! Ha! Ha! How droll,
    How comical the losers
      On the Postal page.

        We're on the Japanese Poetry section in my World Literature class, so technically that 
counts as studying.  And now I must return to stuffing my poor brain with anaphora and metonymy, 
so I will scurry back into the shadows.  Thanks again for providing good study breaks!

Laura Watkins

One of the few nice reader comments we receive...

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