nepen (11:36:09 AM): I should kill her.
nepen (11:36:28 AM): I think it's payback for when I bleached her pyjamas [tye-dye style :P] 
                     while FOLLOWING HER DIRECTIONS
lyger (11:36:29 AM): ?
lyger (11:36:33 AM): oh
nepen (11:36:36 AM): She somehow got little purple dots on my white pants
lyger (11:36:52 AM): ink?  look for a ballpoint pen
nepen (11:37:23 AM): I can't figure out what it could be. They're faint, like food colouring, 
                     but all over, like something exploded
nepen (11:37:33 AM): BUT on both sides, like it happened twice
nepen (11:37:41 AM): but not on the inside, as it would be if they bled through to the other side
lyger (11:37:41 AM): like... a ballpoint pen...
nepen (11:37:51 AM): Nah it'd be on my other clothes too if that were the case
lyger (11:38:04 AM): all whites in the load or mixed?
nepen (11:38:11 AM): All whites to my knowledge
nepen (11:38:24 AM): Looks like something she may have done before putting them in the washer
lyger (11:38:27 AM): hm.. mystery
nepen (11:38:34 AM): I'll find out when she comes home
lyger (11:38:34 AM): like a ballpoint pen in the pants pocket?
nepen (11:38:40 AM): No pockets
lyger (11:38:56 AM): alien fetus explosion?
nepen (11:38:59 AM): These were my clothes. To my knowledge it was a load of towels, shirts, 
                     pants, and underwear. Typical clothes. All stuff that has been washed 
                     together before
nepen (11:39:06 AM): Very strange.
nepen (11:39:10 AM): I'm leaning towards that, yes.
nepen (11:39:28 AM): I only wear enough clothes during the week to do one load of laundry
lyger (11:39:36 AM): exploding alien fetuses are a very common problem when doing household laundry
lyger (11:40:03 AM): so are ballpoint pens

lyger (2:12:45 PM): box over 21 - fair warning
nepen (2:12:59 PM): Went over my head. What?
lyger (2:13:05 PM): load average
nepen (2:13:08 PM): Ah
lyger (2:13:19 PM): 15:11:39 up 32 days, 16:53,  7 users,  load average: 
                    20.21, 10.31, 4.22
nepen (2:13:22 PM): You said 21 [my age] and box. I thought you were being a perv again
nepen (2:13:40 PM): I'm not logged in because I'm downloading, so I figure it's not worth 
                    it to try to do much of anything right now.
nepen (2:13:46 PM): HENCE THE BOREDOM
lyger (2:13:52 PM): how have i been a perv?
nepen (2:13:57 PM): How have you not been a perv?
lyger (2:14:07 PM): i didn't send you pics of my ass
nepen (2:14:25 PM): Touche

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