czarina (6:17:25 PM): What I want to know is....
lyger (6:17:46 PM): ?
czarina (6:17:50 PM): How did Darth Vader in ONE battle with Luke, know that he was his father....
czarina (6:18:00 PM): but NEVER sensed that Leia was his daughter?
lyger (6:18:09 PM): the force, dude
lyger (6:18:21 PM): it's all about the fucking force, y0
czarina (6:18:32 PM): Why did the force work on Luke and not Leia
lyger (6:18:54 PM): because...
lyger (6:19:02 PM): the force is a dude and not a chick
lyger (6:19:09 PM): sheesh
lyger (6:19:14 PM): it's OBVIOUS
czarina (6:19:20 PM): Puhleeze
lyger (6:19:22 PM): dudes get dudes
lyger (6:19:28 PM): dudes don't get chicks
czarina (6:19:44 PM): whatever
lyger (6:19:44 PM): so clearly, the force knew about luke and not his sister

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