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From: Simple Nomad (thegnome@nmrc.org)
To: links@caustictruths.com
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 10:30:09 -0500
Subject: Re: [News] 5/31/06 1/1 Your website has been linked to

On Thursday 01 June 2006 12:28, Richard T-Caustic Truths wrote:
> Hey there
> I'm the webmaster of caustictruths.com which is a website for our print
> magazine. We have a featured story on Nine Inch Nail which is on our web
> site and potentially  in a print edition. Your site was suggested as an
> addition to our very popular collection which will be useful for our
> visitors/readers. You can find the link to your web site here:

Hmmm, exactly *who* "suggested" our site to you? Funny because it looks like
you used nmrc.org's registar gandi.net to harvest and send the email. Why
doesn't that make this spam? I mean why in the FUCK would a hacker web site
(yes that is what you reached, asshole) give a flying fuck about your stupid

> http://caustictruths.com/website/component/option,com_wrapper/Itemid,35/
> Choose the category of Heavy Metal Band under the sub-category of Nine Inch
> Nail

Wow how weird! One of my favorite bands has a very similar name! They are
called Nine Inch Nails. Wait a minute, you don't think that the "Nine Inch
Nail" group you referred to twice is the same thing, do you? That would imply
you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about in your email, and that
if I want *accurate* info on rock bands perhaps I should go elsewhere.

> If you want to link back to us (always appreciated), just insert this short
> HTML code on your web site:
> ---snip---
> (a href="http://www.caustictruths.com/")CausticTruths.com(/a)
> ---snip---
> Also, you can promote yourself on caustictruths.com by going to create an
> account:
> http://caustictruths.com/website/component/option,com_comprofiler/task,regi
> sters/ Once confirmed, you will be able to post blogs, news, and other neat
> stuff. If you want to be part of our newsletter, join now for exclusive
> contests. All info is kept is kept private!

All info is kept private? Considering you seem to be using spam techniques
with harvested emails (you probably *BOUGHT* a list from a spammer, you
asshole) I seriously doubt it. You apparently have NO online privacy
statement on your web site, and if you do, you certainly don't link to it.

> Drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.

Here's a few questions: Can you NEVER send me or anyone in the nmrc.org domain
email again? And remove every address associated with gandi.net as well?
Immediately? Do you have a privacy policy for visitors on your web site? Why
don't you include opt out information in your spam email you send out?

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> MaxBulk Mailer is a  new easy-to-use mail merge software for  Macintosh

So you are using *unregistered* spam software? What's the matter, can't afford
the $60?

Seriously retard, for those of us that helped BUILD the fucking Internet let
me say you can go fuck yourself. May your business wilt and I will ask all of
my friends to never ever use any of your products or even visit your web

Rot in hell,


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