From: Jason Berger (
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 12:34:26 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: 'Tis Trench from the Depot

    I met you a couple of days ago at the Depot in
Baltimore, MD on the Goth night.

    I checked out your site as suggested, and I have
three questions:

    1) Where can I get one of those snazzy T-shirts?

    2) How/who do I have to assassinate to get Black
Helicopter privildges?

    3) Are you and/or your friends planning on doing
Balticon this year, and what would you like to hire me
out to help you with some black ops for the con?

    A little about myself. I am a Nihilist. A good
definition for this can be found at, and I have Freydis' permission
to use their symbol, which I do quite frequently. But
basically, the Catholic dictionary defines a Nihilist
as one who believes no doctrine, no matter how
widespread, for which there is no proof. No god, no
NOTHING. I am also an ordained minister in the
Universal Life Church. i suppose a Nihilist priest has
the Ultimate Power to declare something to be
Bullshit, and I have always felt it to be my calling
to clear out all the Bullshit. Here are some of my
favorite links: the home of serious Nihilism. Committe for the Scientific
Investigation of the Paranormal. James Randi's people
will put your "proof" to the test. Bob Park, from the American Physical
Society. Similar to above, but recently he stopped
utterly blasting cold fusion... I'll forward you the
letter he sent me. He's a pretty cool dude. His
"What's New?" column is worth a read. The Blacksburg Tactical research center.
The ultimate gaming geeks. Their manual, 3G: Guns,
guns, guns!!! is the ultimate manual on the physics of
projectile and high-energy weapons in the real world
and translating them into any game, any where. I
actually met Greg Porter once, and one of his
ambitions was to work with Marc Miller of Traveller
fame. He got what he wanted! But my psychotic wife's
stupid christian parents are still holding all my old
Blacksburg stuff hostage including the report Greg
gave me when I was 19. Along with my SKS assault
rifle. grrrrrr.... Funny, they live not far from you,
in Hanover, MD... or .com I'm not sure

Brits who found it in the goodness of their hearts to
re-publish Marc Miller's original Traveller stuff.
Very Nihilistic game. I always wanted to join the
Imperial Navy... (You don't know the Power of the Dark
Side...) Marc Miller is god... trade is the lifeblood
od the Imperium. Don't mess with the Imperium's
lifeblood. Interesting Belgian site recommended
to me by a friend. Very Gothic in an intellectual sort
of way. Check it out. formerly Zero Population
Growth. The only cause besides the Separation of
Church and State which I seriously support. Pretty
much self-explanitory. and

The Atheist Radio Network, run by Reginald Finley, Sr.
The Infidel Guy!!!! This guy believes in NOTHING.
Total sceptic. I think he's a closet Nihilist, but
prefers to call himself an Atheist and freethinker.
Did a couple of interviews with him, have to burn the
CD's soon. Reg kicks ass. Run by physicist Tom
Valone, he promotes unusual energy sources and
electrogravitics. Hey, I may believe in nothing for
which there is no proof, but you GOTTA give 'em a
chance to prove it! Besides which. Sure, the Guv has
TONS of tech they keep under wraps, probably including
all the bullshit at Area 51. You sound stupid when you
deny this. If I can't beg, borrow, or otherwise steal
flying saucer priviledges from Area 51, then just
maybe Valone might help me to build one for myself.
Besides which, as Bob Park told me in e-mail, so much
has been said about Cold Fusion that you can't judge
anything in a vaccuum. He'll believe it after they
build one: Valone's my man. I also interviewed him. he
was on the cover of MIT magazine, and MIT has asked if
new energy tech can reduce our oil dependence?

    I say, it's time for Interstellar Empire. Fuck
sitting down here and fighting over cowrie shells for

    I say, it's time for Interstellar Empire. Fuck
sitting down here and fighting over cowrie shells for
the rest of eternity like spear-chucking savages. And
fuck society, too. If one more goon gives me a lecture
about why you can't fuck whom you like, they'll get a
burst of my priestly Nihilistic disbelief, guaranteed.

And lastly... The DC Indypendent Media center!
Really a front for the Anti-Globalization movement, it
took strength and perserverence to use it as an outlet
for Nihilism, church and state, and ZPG issues. Not to
mention Tom Valone. But hey, you gotta push or you're
just being sucked along and that sucks. It was here
that my final conversion to Nihilism took place. i
used to believe in Roswell, can you believe it!!! As
one electrogravitic researcher said, "I don't care if
the tech came from aliens or not. I like working with
it." I'll forward you the letter that Dr. Paul
one electrogravitic researcher said, "I don't care if
the tech came from aliens or not. I like working with
it." I'll forward you the letter that Dr. Paul
LaViolette wrote me about TT Browns work on
Electrogravitics, and some other stuff.

    Anyway. looking forward to hearing from you soon.

     -Rev. Trench

Not sure if this teaches me to hand out attrition cards at clubs, or not to hand them out..

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