After three blistering days of purchasing, shipping, receiving, configuring, and reshipping a new attrition server, Jericho receives this IM:

[12-19 18:38] cji: so is it all charged up and full of awesomeness or what
[12-19 18:40] jericho: no, new box mailed out today, due to hit the NOC thursday, 
              then some configuring and live friday hopefully
[12-19 18:41] jericho: cost 82 bucks just to send it 3 days
[12-19 18:41] cji: oh holy shit. totally didn't even mean to IM you that
[12-19 18:41] cji: friend got a new cellphone today and i was wondering how it was
[12-19 18:41] jericho: hah
[12-19 18:41] cji: damn that must have sounded fucking rude - sorry bout that
[12-19 18:41] jericho: MOCK MY PAIN ASSHOLE

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