[11-03 18:15] jericho: forced /home/web/security/advisory# ./.count
               Total Advisories available via HTTP: 11718
               Total Advisories in private archive: 988
               forced /home/web/security/advisory#
[11-03 18:15] dsmcr: that's a whole lot of mojo
[11-03 18:15] jericho: updated the main header
[11-03 18:15] jericho: it still said 8k or so
[11-03 18:16] jericho: if i was smrt id figure out how to automate it
[11-03 18:16] dsmcr: it'd be an easy shell script to write
[11-03 18:16] jericho: little ssi include and script fu
[11-03 18:16] jericho: yah
[11-03 18:16] jericho: cat .count in that dir for how i get the numbers
[11-03 18:16] jericho: just a matter of piping the output of a find
               command into the variable
[11-03 18:16] jericho: then cron'ing
[11-03 18:16] dsmcr: yep
[11-03 18:17] dsmcr: or you could have that script called upon page load
[11-03 18:17] jericho: yah ssi would work as well
[11-03 18:18] dsmcr: or you could write this really graphical AJAX app
               that would actively and dynamically track the progress of
               the various directories with lots of shiny blinking GUI goodness
[11-03 18:18] jericho: OH HOT DAMN LETS DO IT
[11-03 18:19] dsmcr: I want to stab myself in the face for even having
               thought of it

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