Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 22:51:40 EST
Subject: I hope I'm not breaking the rules

I'm getting older....I'm a milk chocolate black girl.  Married to a very 
EZ going, loving, and supportive white GENTLEMAN.  That said, it seems 
impossible to find a catigory which bsupports my desires in the adult 
sites.  I very much want to experiment with three or four GENTLEMEN while 
hubby photos and maybe joins in.  We've had MFM 3's and I LOVE them; but 
want MORE before my 41st Bday in Feb 05.  How do I go about a safe way to 
find GENTLEMEN willing to play together, with me, and before the 
camera....just for fun!?!   They must be horny, white, but D&D free and 
sober.  I mostly enjoy white men and love it when

they're shaved down there.   LaVesha
lavnhub at aol dot com    HELP....This is a LONG TIME DESIRE.

We have absolutely no idea why Jericho didn't respond to this... none at all. Obviously he is a retard slacker.

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