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Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 18:29:09 +0000
Subject: This guy is a real swindler

Hallo There,

Where do i begin.....a good friend of mine (and still is) had a internet 
company...he  it with a guy called dick...weird name for people from the 
states...but this name realy suits this guy.
so we have Dick and Math...Mat is the good guy....and about dick i will tell 
you later.
Math was the webdesigner at that company and dick was the 
salesman/swindler...which we knew later in life.
now the company is split up because of dick losing controle of his prived 
life..he fucked up.
Dick messed up the tax paperwork so there is a big debt which Math did not 
know of....he was designing hios ass off to make this company work...he gave 
200%...Dick gave Jack.
Now everything is in the past...only one thing is not still set 
right....Dick/Swindler is still working under the companys name...he changed 
the password of the company website...and he is using the website (which 
Math made) as his selling eyecandy....Math had "no" problem with this 
because he could not change a thing on this Math can use this 
company website as his Portfolio....all his work is showing on this 
website....but now Mr Dick found somebody else who made some changes on this 
website...and we are not happy with the contact form he made it 
look like he has 3 companies....i can tell you....he has non companies at 
his name...he is fooling his customers that he has lots of companies....this 
guy is a real fraud...and he is using this website to make his fraud 
work....why is Math not going to the cops??...Math had some difficult 
times...he and his wife lost 2 freshly born babies..and now he is using 
medication to get better...he is not able to get into a court fight with 
this guy because it is not good for his helth at this moment.
what do i want to see happend here??
it would be sooo nice to see all the files beeging deleated from this server 
and that you change the password on this server.....make this guy stop.
Can you make this happen for us?....if not do you know somebody who is 
why i write this for my friend Math....he learned me the basics of 
webdesign...he gave me the skills to show My skills to the world.

Best Regards,

A friend of a friend ((-:

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