From: Ozkan Koyun 
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 21:42:12 +0000

Hey, Im a begginer in this now massive world of hacking. Ive tried before to 
get information about hacking, its ethics why it has occured and where its 
headed. Ive been impressed with its myths and want to learn the real thing. 
The whole reason I have emailed you is because I need you to guide me into 
learning about hacking, Im currently using your site for this, and how I can 
actually obtain information about the methods to use (at a very basic 
level). I just want to learn, this doesnt mean that I will act on them. I 
dont plan to do crimal activities with the skills I gain. eagerly awaiting 
your reply.
Thank you.

Ethics are for the confused.

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