From: pokaa jc (
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 02:29:40 +0200
Subject: hi my name is pokaa 

sorry guys i am looking for tokachu and i want to know why 
he is driven me to my thinking way, and why my shoulder 
creature is tellin me look for tokachu when you find him tell 
him the story of the bug of may that is called in german 
maikäfer. i had smoke salviar and i found tokachu laying down 
on the street and he called me to help him. I know that the us 
goverment is working together or against the aliens from the 
outerspace and i know that my mom seen an UFO right in the front 
of our house together with my father and they did something to 
me, i cant swear it but i feel that i dont be right placed in 
this generation and time of human being. I hope you can follow 
my thinkings and answer me why your webpage is blocked!!! 
Thanks a lot......

Pokaa aka JPC

My shoulder creature keeps telling me to touch the asses of young girls dressed like prostitutes at the mall. Their mothers hate that and mall security often plays kickball with my nuts.

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