From: eleet hax0r (
Date: 17 May 2002 06:45:43 -0000
Subject: What about a hacking kit?

Wouldn't it be cool that you would design the Official "haXX0ring" Kit 
and send it by mail to those who ask "how to hack"? A manual for the 
keyboard, Microsoft manuals, a "h4x0ring" tool (some AOL or Microsoft 
sample), a tube of dried clue, "h4xxx0ring" software, (a dos 
bat[ :haxor\n goto haxor ]) etc...

If I lost a healthy dose of ethics, lost that final shred of hope I had for humanity, and drank eighteen corona.. i'd probably have the same ethics as a CISSP and be able to whip up this kit and sell it for millions.

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