From: Alby (Foresight)
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 09:02:40 +1100
Subject: Please Quote

I am wondering if you can help me in quoting prices for the following
software and notebook products-

4 x Microsoft SQL Standard 2000 server single processor unlimited cals
10 x Microsoft Windows 2000 advanced server
4 x MS Exchange Enterprise Server 2000 25 cal
30 x MS Office 2000 Pro
10 x MS Visio 2002
20 x Office XP Pro OEM
4 x Adobe Pagemaker latest
4 x Adobe Photoshop latest
10 x PC Anywhere
10 x HP Pavillion N5270 Notebook

All to be shipped to Sydney Australia,

Thanks you for your help,

Kind Regards

Albert Koster
Foresight Limited
Sydney Australia

People pay for that software?!

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