From: Linda Ray (
To: "''" (
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 13:59:14 -0500 
Subject: Dr Gott

Dear Drilled Gott,
My elderly mother has a dry mouth which we went to her primary doctor and
ear nose and throat doctor for it but nothing seems to be the answer. Her
primary doctor said it was her false teeth not fitting well the e.n. and t
doctor said her glands were ok but maybe she breathes though her mouth
instead of her nose which he gave her nose drops .  but that 's not working
either she 83 years young and doesn't take any other medicines but OTC pain
reliever for arthritics.  Also, I have another question concerning this
could new carpet contain formaldehyde and how does it affect you.

Thank you 
Concerning daughter

Linda Ray 
[address removed] .. offering advice on life and all things like it. yes..i see our future clearly now.

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