From: hilmi_z (
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 11:18:47 +0800
Subject: beginner

dear wishfull staff,

1. how tobe agood / master hacker 4 beginner..?
2. would u like to help me become a good honest hacker.?

thanx u very much,

sincerely yours,


From: security curmudgeon (
To: hilmi_z (
Cc: Heathens (,
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 03:31:04 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: beginner

: dear wishfull staff,

we are wistful, not wishfull. ok well maybe not, we do wish people like
you would quit fucking mailing us, buy a gun, and put a bullet in your
head. yeah, we wish for that while being wistful.

: 1. how tobe agood / master hacker 4 beginner..?

are you fucking ignorant? oh yeah, you are.. anyway. how does one become a
"master hacker" and "beginner" at the same time? in short, you don't, not
in this universe you cocksmoker. while you are faithfully doing lines of
cocaine before sending us e-mail, could you update your addressbook in
order to bother other people the next time you feel the need for these
drug induced Q&A sessions? thanks.

: 2. would u like to help me become a good honest hacker.?

no. i'd like to fuck your cute sister in the ass while puring sugar in
your gas tank. i'd like a medium rare burger with lettuce and tomato and
mustard. i'd like a new e-mail filter that auto-magically screens out all
mail from people with learning deficiencies (was re: hilmi_z). i'd like to
get one more aaxp point on my wizard in everquest before going to bed. i'd
like for my bosses to conveniently forget i work there while dutifully
sending me a paycheck every month.

but i wouldn't like to help you become anything other than roadkill.

: thanx u very much,

most welcome.

: sincerely yours,

take your sincerity and sodomize your dog.

: sillyfools.

aka complete dipshits.

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