From: Muhammad Imran (
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 16:40:47 +0000
Subject: i'll pay u for what i want

   i am having a problem with person(piece of shit) he is flooding my mobile 
device with SMS. i want to take revenge. i know his e-mails and some other 
stuff. can u make him beg in front of me asking for forgivness of what he 
   I have heard that the P1 processors can be burnt throgh processing if yes 
he uses p1 processor. but he always keeps his internet security softwares 
updated, he has alway running norton internet security firewall, zone alarm 
but i think no other soft than these.
   If u can do it, then we can have a deal, also tell me how much u want for 

I swear, people watch movies like Hackers, Johnny Nmeumonic and others, piece together all the terms and ideas they can, and then write mail to me.

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