From: Kendra Sweezey (
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 2:50 PM
Subject: need a favor

know this is kind of not your normal email. seeing i dont know you from from
eve.But i thought you might be able to help me with a hack or program me and
my friends would be willing to pay you for. It involves making/locating a
program for the online game everquest. I myself am no good or at your level
of computers and wouldnt have the slightest of an idea how to go about
making one for it or where to locate one but i do know they are out there. I
f you would be ever so kind as to send me a reply, be it yes or no i thnk u
4 yur time.


Hi Adam/Kendra/Whoever. First hint when creating an altar ego.. use the same name in the same mail. When your mail first came in, Debris was excited. He thought "wow, a real live girl (Kendra) mailing me". By the time he was done, nothing short of complete devestation set in, at the sight of "Adam". You betrayed him, you lied to him, you hurt him. After he is done with counseling, expect large volumes of dogshit in your mail.

Now that we covered the hurt and betrayal, what kind of dork wants to hack (or even play) Everquest?! I mean seriously, what is the value of having a level 60 wizard with a 4295 mana pool, 255 INT, Flowing Thought 15, Dain Belt, Eye/Brain of Cazic Thule, over 1 million PP in the bank.. along with a 60 rogue fully equipped in skyshrine quest armor, epic, and 7 different illusion masks. Seriously, who the fuck would waste their time playing that game?! I'll tell you, a damn loser, that's who!

ps: no, i didn't hack the game for all that

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