From: Jamie McCarty (
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 00:51:37 -0800
Subject: good job in helping a dumb band find meaning in a name

i was looking for a website about the band sublime and i happen to 
come across your shitty website, so instead of getting pissed off i 
found a use to my absurd time spent. i have now found meaning to a 
name. attrtion "i will never spell it right" is the meaning to "all" 
i have dreamnt. thank you much and who ever made this website i wil 
find you and thank you personally. on the lighter side of things i 
was actually trying to get to sublime or l.b.d.allstars pge so i 
could ask how lou dog was doing. i just want to know if lou dog is 
alive and if he is ok. also if he/she misses bradGet more from the 

You seem pretty alright, except for that part about listening to Sublime..

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