From: agent blue (
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 20:27:41 +0800
Subject: atttrition

without the defaced websites on, hackers won,t have a 
"token of display"for the job well you have any plan in doing 
it again? i would like to see it again.i'm a newbie, and i'm sad you 
took it off when i desperately needed it.

if you could,send me tips on ip spoofing, phreaking,and virus coding
(do you have the source code of nimda or codered? or you're actually 
the one who made it.).thanks a lt.

What part of "With that, the mirror will no longer be maintained. We've served our time." was unclear? Did the bold text not sink into that thick skull of yours? Why would we suddently decide that spending over half our day mirroring pathetic defacements WAS a good way to continue on? Let me clue you in ass clown. We wouldn't. Short of a six figure salaxry, I will not run a mirror again.

If you are having to ask for tips on ip spoofing, phreaking and virus coding, I really have to wonder why you desperately needed our mirror? If you have delusions of grandeur in your wannabe defacing activity, let me go ahead and squash that idea. You would no doubt be one of those gimps hacking free web host sites or registering free domains and defacing them.

And yeah, we wrote Nimda, Codered, and we were the second shooter on the grassy knoll. Guilty as charged.

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