From: Jason Smitherman (
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 01:09:18 -0500
Subject: what does for me

By god, I really hate ingrown toenails. I mean, what did I do? All it takes 
is a simple mistake in the care of your toenails, and instantly your toe 
becomes inflamed, red, swollen, quite painful, and pus starts leaking out of 
the side. There doesn't seem to be a quick solution either. I have been to a 
doctor about it... they did a fancy surgery, and all this... and a few weeks 
later, the problem returns. I have also tried to cut the toenail out with a 
pocket knife. This doesn't work either. This generally just causes there to 
be alot more pain, blood, and pus. I have also tried the approach to leave 
it alone and let my body deal with it as it may. My body seems to be as 
clueless as I am. My toenail just keeps growing deeper and deeper into my 
skin, and the problem keeps getting worse. This has so far happened to both 
of my big toes. It really sucks.

I think god hates me. that has to be it. What SANE god would give people 
toenails that could become ingrown. It is just a few millimeters of toenail, 
but it causes sooo much pain. God hates me, and I just hate him back.

I love your site though. It makes life just a little more bearable. You guys 
rule... The internet would be alot better place if most sites assumed the 
design of attrition. Just think of the terabytes upon terabytes of images of 
text that aren't needed fly across our internet routers each day! There are 
soooo many sites that just have pictures of nothing but text. Their site 
takes about 50 times longer to load, expecially if you are on the other end 
of a modem connection. Over at, for example, they have nothing 
but pictures of text so that their text can look all anti-aliased and MacOS 
X-like... I just want the text! And that's what attrition does. Just the 
text. Just the information. It rules. Who cares what kind of little header, 
button or dancing mailbox of a link you can put on the page. If anything, 
these images serve only to complicate life.

And don't get me started on frames. What's up with that. If I want an HTML 
document to flow into a certain part of my screen, I am certainly capable of 
doing it. Too many web designers are so willing to complicate your life with 
frames just to get a fancy nav-bar or a header across the screen. Just 
provide the information. If I want information to dance, be pretty, or take 
up megs and megs of bandwidth I would do that myself. It is pointless. The 
least thing they could do is make multiple versions of their site. But NO! 
They have to cram Flash-driven webpages down our throat, and we have to 
navigate java applets and somethings I don't even know what they are just to 
get to the simple information we need.

But none of this with attrition. Attrition is perfect. Never have I been 
annoyed by anything on attrition's site, and trust me... everything annoys 
-me-! Never have I even been able to imagine myself disagreeing with 
anything on your page.

Thank god for attrition. Mainly, though, thank attrition for attrition. 
Without attrition, I don't know what I would do. I would have nothing to 
read while picking at my filthy, disgusting-looking ingrown toenail. I hope 
you get your bandwidth up so you can reopen the videos section. Maybe there 
is some system you can use (like, allowing only X many connections at a 
time) or something so that it can happen. I personally never got to see alot 
of the movies. and if the gallery is any indication, the movies have to be 

I also can't get enough of the attrition attitude. It can't really be put 
into words... it is a charming and refreshing mix of condecending, arrogant, 
friendly, hostile, middle-finger, helping-hand kind of an attitude. 
Attrition rocks.

One question though... what kind of music do you people listen to?

What a truly excellent mail. Ever seen the movie Blade? When he goes into that club and the little japanese school girls are on stage singing? That's all we listen to.

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