Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 00:19:11 +0700

Hi, Attrition Staff
          Please crack web site that show in below:
Grammy Entertainment	- Total security solution on Unix and MA
Royal Forest Department	- LAN and WAN infrastructure, Exchange and MA
Thai Incubator Dot Com	- LAN infrastructure, Exchange, Firewall 1 and MA
Adidas				- Wiring, Network infrastructure
Swire Maclain			- Wiring, Network infrastructure
TT&T				- Total security solution on Unix
Thai Oil			- Fiber Optic FDDI wiring project
Oriental Electronic Industry	- Network infrastructure, Internet, and Exchange
Kim Eng Securities (Nithipat)- Security solution
Publicitas Promotion Network - Network maintenance and security consulting.

International Civil Aviation Organization - Exchange system and security.

The Department of Mineral	- SUN, Microsoft and Network Maintenance and Outsourcing
Lite On				- Microsoft Exchange and Fire Wall Maintenance
Nestle				- Cisco Network auditing
Huawei Technologies		- Network infrastructure and Internet
Alpla (Thailand)		- Network infrastructure and Internet
Hgow Hock Agency		- Microsoft System Management implementation

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