From: xxxx x 
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 03:07:53 GMT
Subject: Thanks

I'm just writing to say thanks. I'm a security consultant who was hired to 
secure a system that was recently hacked. Your timely message sent to my 
client, who shall remain nameless, and their speedy hiring of me, allowed my 
firm to actually catch the perpetrator as he was finishing the site 
defacement. With out attrittion's rapid system of disseminating information, 
otherwise know as e-mails, we would of had to do real work. heh. I know many 
people may not like your site, I had never actually been to it, but if 
people will read your policies and what not I think they will find you are 
some of the most honest people on the internet. I think you folks receive a 
lot of unnecessary bagging by ignorant individuals who think that any dark 
site with bad words and honest opinions must belong to criminals. So once 
again thanks.

If you feel the urge to post this e-mail I ask simply that you withhold my 
name and e-mail address.Once again thanks.

/em does the victory dance

For those who ever doubted the reason we mailed admins after taking a mirror of a defaced web site.

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