From: Martin Popovici (
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 23:39:43
Subject: Request

  Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is
 Martin Popovici. I am General manager at
 Progisoft SRL and I am contacting you in behalf
 of the firm. We are 
 a computer sellers
 company from Romania and we are interested to buy
     Intel Pentium III @ 933 MHz processors not
     128 Mb PC 133 memories 
     5 laptop computers at a maximum price of 1200USD
 (the laptops must 
 have a modem and/or network card)
  If do not have any of this item please send us
 your price list (item/price).
     We are interested to get from your company your
 prices list, including 
 any other products 
 and your payments and shipping  methods.
  Please advise,
  Martin Popovici,
  General Manager,
  Progisoft SRL.

This email can not be considered spam as long as we include: Contact information 
& remove 
instructions.  Further transmissions to you may be stopped at no cost to 
you by replying 
back with the word "REMOVE" in the  subject line of the E-mail which was 
sent with the 
e-mail address.

Well this is sure interesting. We still don't know why people mail us asking to buy computer equipment, but this one is a bit different. Notice the lame spam disclaimer at the bottom of their mail. Why do I think they use that account for spamming out advertisements when not asking us for computer prices...

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