From: jesus fecking christ (
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 16:34:19 -0000
Subject: help!

hello, i really really need some help, for a while now i am being repetedly 
hacked by some femail hacker by the name of lisa knight, i never know when 
she gets into my system i only know after when things like somebody 
changeing my account passwords and logs onto my msn name and says things to 
my friends then deletes my contacts list, i know its her cuz she likes to 
make fun of me in e-mails, i don't think its a trojan because i have 
reformated my hard disk and only installed software from backup disk that i 
have had for a long time, this person has also totaled my friends sound card 
and maybe before that his graphics card although we are unsure if thats the 
same person.
i would really like to know if there is anything at all you can do to help 
me, i am scared she might damage my computer and i can aford to buy a new 
one if she does and i need this computer for college work.
i could really do with some help, if there is anything you can do plz help 
me i would be very greatful


Could you leave a text file for her to find, and have her mail us to inquire about some "penetration" activity?

We'd like to 'score' just as much as the next frenzied wench wants to. Honest.

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