From: The Orphen (
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 09:29:22 -0000
Subject: trouble at the door

Dear Jericho,

HEY I am in die straits here.....i need to get some hotmail passwords ASAP, 
and no brute forcer will work.  what do you recommend in the way of brute 
force proggies???


the orphen

Personally, I usually chain Munge or Comega to a chair and spank them with a perl book until one of them screams out in ecstasy. After that I make them code up a custom brute forcer and demand that it work inside of 2.3 minutes per account. Duh?

Besides, you say that brute forcers will not work. Then you ask for one to solve your problem. LESS DRUGZ D00D.

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