From: eugene nefr0ma (
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 21:39:48 -0400
Subject: hi
hi McIntyre, i have defaced some solaris and linux
machines, i want to share them with, i
want to join a team, i want to share my knowledge with
you all. i work against unix machines ( windoze is
just for dos :) ), how can i join? i work with
freebsd, i am student of compter science, i have some
c programming skills and many sys admin knowledge.
also, i want to obtain your knowledge and experience
in system penetring...
i'm from south america, there are many "weak" system
we can take advantages (like in china, japon..etc)

First, "staff" is not McIntyre.

Second, what the hell drugs you on kid? You work against unix machines, and then disclaim that with "windoze is just for dos". Uh, if you like command line environments and avoid GUIs, what the hell is your problem with Unix?

Third, yer a pathetic gimp, so keep mailing us.

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