From: syn sid (
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 20:32:23 -0000
Subject: we require your services

Dear attrition

I am a very high ranking member of a large alliance in the oniline game 
'planetarion'.  this alliance is called fury, and quite frankly, we're 
getting a beating atm :(.  we would like if you could hack the planetarion 
database and remove all galaxies marked 'legion' and also creadit all 'fury' 
tagged galaxies with 1000 million of each resource and multiply their fleet 
by 10

good luck and thank you :)

From: /dev/null (
To: syn sid (
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 14:48:01 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: we require your services

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  Mails like this just make my day.  Kindly do me a
favor and bend over for me, so I don't have to physically pick you up and
impale you on my fist?  Thanks.

Let me get this straight.  You waste your time on some lame-ass online
game [1] and for whatever reason you're not -winning- now.  So you've
decided that the appropriate response is to cheat, right?  But oh, no.
You're not skilled enough to cheat on your own, no.  And you're not
interested in learning, are you?  No.  So what you do is this: you send
mail to complete strangers, soliciting them to commit a crime for you.
-Boy- is that clever!  And you don't -even- do any research to find out
whether or not the people you've mailed are even remotely the kind of
people who'd be willing to help you (even though it'd be perfectly obvious
to anyone who gave a casual look to our web pages).

So, LamerBob, allow me to take this opportunity to gently implant a clue
in your rectal lining, just above your prostate gland -- I'm sure it'll be
comfortable there.  Maybe it's time you just uninstalled your pathetic
little online game since it's obvious you can't play nice with the other
kiddies.  You are an appalling loser and there isn't a chance in fucking
hell that any of us would be interested in helping you cheat.

Grow up or disconnect your computer from the net.  We don't want you here.

Hope this helps!


[1] full disclosure: I waste my time on some lame-ass online game, too.
But I don't cheat at it.

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