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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 04:17:47 -0000
Subject: Info


I've become interested in the process of hacking.  I dont want to be a 
freelance hacker that cracks credit cards to start with.  I want to learn 
how to do hacks, use them on companies, agencies, etc to inform them how to 
secure themselves better.  I was hoping that you would be able to help me.  
You see I have never done hacking, I've tried a couple programs without 
success, but that was because I had no training, more importantly, no 
instructor.  If you could give me some guidance of any sort, either programs 
to use, methods to use them, and anything else that you know about hacking I 
would be so thankful. If having to learn how to crack important things is 
part of the process, I understand.  I am no way using the information I 
gather against anyone, nor will I actually go as far as crack into 
something, just knock at that door.  I also fully understand that any 
information that you give me does not make you responsible for any actions 
that I may take.  What ever information that you give me is mine to do with, 
nothing illegal shall come of it nor would have to worry about consequences 
due to information that you supplied me.  To just let you know, I got your 
email from HNN.  Anyways, I thank you for your time and any information that 
you send me.



Oh.. my..

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