From: William Defoe (
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 08:29:39 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Call to action....

I have been thinking of an idea and wanted to pass it
on to those with the  proper skills.  Rather than
Hackers uniting to deface Aghani websites and so
forth, how about a coalition of DISINFORMATION. I see
it as these Terrorist Cells in America might be acting
independent of Outside direction when it comes to
establishing the short term goals (ie. claim
residency, obtain pilots licenses and Hazardous
material trucking licenses.) However, when it comes
time for the actual attack, they await the instruction
of some higher authority, whether overseas or already
within the US.  Either way, I believe that these
"instructions" are interceptable and can be doctored
as necessary.  Maybe new information can be introduced
to confuse the enemy.  This is the essence of my
ideas.  DISINFORMATION.  Distribute and pass along as
much False or doctored information so that these
terrorists will be unable to differentiate the true
"intructions" from the false ones.  If these hackers
(including yourself) wish to propogate attacks in
retailiation, maybe this would be a better way.  Seek
out relative sites, intercept relative emails or other
forms of communications.  Send out faxes, emails and
web posts with false information to confuse the enemy.
 The hacker community should unite to promote this
form of disinformation.  The United States government
I am certain also has a handle on this however from
what I can tell the hacker community is extremely huge
and as powerful.  If they could unite to focus in on a
common task such as this, maybe that could buy the US
some time in locating and rooting out these
Terrorists.  This approach may be more productive than
the simple hacking of foreign websites and servers. 
Let these terrorist guys expose themselves and defeat
themselves.  The US must exploit their existing
vulnerabilities just as they have exploited ours. 
Through careful, well thought out planning and well
executed plans.  If you could pass this message on to
any others involved in the hacking community, that
would be great.  Otherwise you can send me an email
back to go Fuck myself because you believe what I just
wrote is crap.  Anyway thanks for reading. bye.

- [sp43t4r@localhost]#

I loved you in Boondock Saints!

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