From: jennifer hansen (
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 22:18:20 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Sept. 11 Attacks - You can retaliate

I got your email addresses from "The Notorious
B.O.O.G.".  I've been struck in the past few days with
what an effective strategic & tactical position the
hacker community inhabits in a post Sept. 11th world. 
The following is an email that I sent to "The
Notorious B.O.O.G." and that he posted (with his
response) on on 9.19.2001.  The
site also contains a follow-on set of emails that we

We're in a new kind of guerilla war that hackers are
singularly poised to fight.  These terrorists are
attacking the common person, and I think that the
common person can fight back.  The loose networks of
terrorist groups rely heavily on information
technology and the internet.  I'd like to encourage
the members of the hacking community to find these
peoples' (or sympathetic) sites and servers on the
network and completely incapacitate them or better
yet, launch targeted viruses on their machines.  

I'm wondering if you might let me know what
newsgroups, forums, chat rooms, etc, I might best go
to  broadcast this idea.  

This country does not exclusively need to engage in
armed combat to retaliate.  We can adopt their shadowy
tactics and use them to fight back. 


I am engaged in independant research of terrorist
organizations.  I would love to discuss these ideas
further with you if you have interest.

I'd try alt.lunatic or alt.misguided.patriotism.hork.hork.hork

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