From: Joe (
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 22:30:19 -0500
Subject: please pass this on to any black or whites you know.

I have a mission for all hackers on the planet. This concerns 
Osama Bin laden. 

If you are a black hat or white hat it is time to unite all of 
our abilities and experiences for something greater than ourselves. 
I had a friend that died in New York and a fellow black. I am 
asking that all of us come together and show that bastard that
WE can hit him harder than he hit us. I know for a fact he acces's 
his money through the internet and contacts his people through OUR 
internet. It is time for us to show our appreciation for the freedom 
that allows us to do what it is that we do. NOW IS THE TIME TO UNITE 
WITH ONE PURPOSE!!! I ask that we take all our knowledge of the www 
and stop his e-mail's and his money. Bring that bastard to a halt. 
Bush may have the muscle to hit him, but WE have the brains to STOP 
him cold. Take down any web site that supports him and Leave a 
personal message telling him he is in our world. I ask this to be 
done not for the glory but for JUSTICE and THE LOVE OF OUR FREEDOM!

If you know for a FACT that "he" accesses money and contacts his people through THE internet, you should share that information with authorities so they can act accordingly.

As a side note, the Internet is not "ours" any more than the "global phone network" is "ours".

Last, your argument falls short when you say defacing a web site with some message will stop him. If you had any grasp of technology, you would realize this is a token gesture at best.

Black pride and all that though. Since you keep mentioning black.

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