From: Jorge Machado (
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 18:01:17 -0500
Hi men,
I will really appreciate you to inform me if this peruvian website and its related host servers are going to be hacked
as I heard somewhere at the cyberspace:
Our peruvian president's election is going to be on next Sunday 08 of April.
By the way, I am a peruvian but lived in Brooklyn, NY for many years. My
neighborghood was at Park Place where I made a lot of soul brothers.
Actually I consider myself one soul brother.
Best regards to all of you and congratulations for your website!!

Well hello there Jorgito the Soul Brother!

Obviously you can't read. The URL you quoted has nothing to do with sites that are going to be hacked. It only contains mirrors of sites that have been hacked. Meaning past tense. Already happened. History.

Last, don't call us 'men' if you are CC'ing munge.

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