Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 23:35:58 EST
Subject: please help.
I havve mega lawsuit againsst  a city of toronto.  My  aunt is part of it.  
Echo! Help..    Im ttrying to  fight and it feels futile.  CCAS etc. I  
fought and won  I beg yu who is she I will provied necessary

Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 11:23:43 EST
Subject: sorry I was drinking and driving

I must have seen something on the site that gave me some encouragement that 
there is a society out there that can help.
Childrens Aid has no accountability for their actions.  They lie boldface in 
courts, they  decieve, steal from kids gifts etc....
What is so sad is that the laws provide them immunity.  
The issue of the lawsuit revolves around that.  Its a multimillion dollar 
lawsuit. They took my child away based on me being late 10 minutes for a 
daycare.  They kept her for months!  They said that if I agreed that they 
were justified in taking her that I would get her back right away I fought 
and nobody won.
My girl was put in a foster home and placed in a room that had no heating in 
the middle of canadian winter.  She got bit in the face by their dog. She was 
not taken to the doctors, she got infested with lice, but not taken to 
On and on........
Do you know that the court ordered them to give me copies of my files, they 
refused...I now have to go back to court again to bring it up.....I just so 
sick of them.....I defected to USA to get away from them....not sure about 
continuing the case.  It's been filed in court in Ontario Toronto under 
Wilhelm vs Metropolitian Toronto
I probably wrote hoping that you guys could hack and retrieve.....
Hey..i tried.....

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