From: Worm Killer (
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 18:27:29 -0500
Subject: Just catching up
Just saw the note that you guys were stopping the mirror.  
Good for you.  I have never defaced a page, so I really could care
less about the whining that Hackweiser (and the like) will 
surely begin to do. 
I have enjoyed most of the rest of the site and I look forward to 
you guys being able to spend time updating the Newbie and Errata stuff.  
Again, congrats on taking back your life.  I think the site will be 
10 times better. 
If the people whine about the lack of a mirror, tell them you have 
a compromise.  You will post one site a week (or month even).  It must 
be the most creative and cool hacked page out there and it must stay 
long enough for you guys to see it between 8-5, not from 2 a.m. - 2:08 
a.m.  Those were really the only ones that I ever cared about checking 
out anyway.  I know those will be the only ones I miss.  Something that 
created a real vuln and something that had cool graphics, etc. 
My opinion?  The sooner we are rid of people that just want to send out 
Shoutz and F*ckz, the better.  Tell them that if they were actually adding 
to security by finding new vulns, it might be different, but any monkey 
can run scripts, find a vulnerable server and overwrite the index and 
default pages. 
Oh well, I don't guess you need a rant on why you should have stopped 
months ago, but I just wanted to thank you guys for spending all the 
time you did trying to do something constructive with graffiti.  I know 
it was thankless and tiring, but you guys di d some slick stuff with it.  
xxx "Earthworm Killer" xxxx
P.S. Does this mean more often updates to the Going Postal section?  I 
still have that cat and I am still throwing grains of rice at his eye.  
Change the "picture" below to Courier to see the effects of you laziness.  :) 
	           /\     /\
	          |0 )---( 0|
	          |         |
	          | (.)  X  |  Why did you let 
	          |         |  him do this
	          (    V    )  to me?!  Me-OOWW!
	___________\  {*}  /___________
Shoutz to my main crew @ (or some other lame thing that no 
one cares about)!  Something bad about JP and his mom! 
Yeah baby!  Oh, I almost forgot, word up to some fine girl that I am too 
nervous to talk to, but I think reads defaced web pages! 

Worm Killer rules.

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