From: Manzoor Ahmed (
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 03:12:33 +0500
Subject: Assalamu Alaikum 
Dear G-force member 
Assalam u Alaikum wa rahmatullah
 May peace be upon you and Allah bless you for your cause 
for Islam and the muslim world. As you are busy teaching 
lessons to the Indian hypocrats I am presenting before you 
a  case of an extremely anti-islamic site which is also run 
by a fanatic hindu. The site's address is . The person has 
used extremely filthy language against Islam and our Holy 
Prophet (S.A.W).  I expect that you will teach a due lesson 
to the person who has created this site and its host isp (which is a hawaii based ISP). Numerous people have 
emailed them about this site but it seems thet they have no 
ears. So we have to convey our message in some other words. 
I have personally flooded their servers with the message to 
delete that site but they didn't listen. Please take it as a 
personal matter and as serious as you take your other 
endeavours. I hope to  listen some good news from you very 
May Allah shower his rahma upon you and give you more mental 
strength to fight for your noble cause.
Your brother from Pakistan
Manzoor Ahmed from Pakistan

You want to commit computer crime, break into someone's machine, change their web content because they are critical of your religion.. and you call THEM a fanatic? Worse, you think we're G-Force?

And you dorks wonder why there are stereotypes?

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