From: Phil (
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 21:11:52 -0000
I'm a fairly crap Hcr. I have c++ 6.0 prof edition which rules but i need 
help it's a basically harmless thing i wanna do. Get the username and 
pasword for a friends hotmail account. I've tried but always am totally 
blocked (i'm not on unix so it's harder to do it). I looked on the net but 
all i go were the dicks who say "send a message giving ur username and 
pasword to me" u kno wut i mean. If u have any info. Or ideas on it plz 
Thanx The MASTER

From: Phil (
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 21:32:15 -0000
Subject: continued
Just to set it straight c++ only rules for crackin and ofline stuff.
i used telnet before it got buggered up. Is there still a telnet online. I 
kno win 98 sux cuz it's basically a big program for the average stupid 
fucker therefor no good file acceses are possible on it to stop u destroyin 
the system!!!(sorry i was releasing a bit of agression)
Ne way the other resaon i sent this is that i remembered this account puts a 
thing on the bottom saying summit like the master and as i am not i think it 
wudbe a good idea to get rid of it and replace it wit the normal one.
  Fanx Cyrox

Anyone else note the irony in his first choice of handles? According to my buddy Webster..

master (mstr)

1.One that has control over another or others.

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