From: Adam Ward (
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:58:37 -0000
Subject: Please fuck this site up!!!!!

Hello, I used to work for a company in the UK, 
but they fired me.
Their website is at:
Can you find someone willing (and with the right 
skills) to fuck them up good?!?!
I'm not skilled at hacking which is why i'm 
asking you guys.
I'm using my cousin's email account without him 
knowing, please don't pass his name on, my name 
(that this company would know me by) is "Panzer-Node" 
I don't mind if you use my own name when de-facing the site.
I hate these bastards, please mess up their website big style!


We still find it amusing that you would get your cousin into this mess. Of course, when we replied to you in e-mail we inadvertantly cc'd, sorry about that. Guess we shouldn't have quoted your entire mail back when we replied either. Damn, our mistake.

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