From: dasd dsa (
To: "" (
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 17:1 -0000
Subject: Can I Ask An Question ,...
hi again...
my father's credit card was hijacked a day ago.
we gave our cc number to a hosting firm and someone used our credit
card. He spent 140 millions.
I can not even understand that how could he do ?
did he sniff the network between me and the hosting firm ?
what can a sniffer do ?
what are the best security programs for linux ?
can you make a to redirect the mails to ? :-)
How can i be elite ?
please give me tips dear comega.
and your nick is too cool .
thx for everything .

Bullshit. The only way a credit card could be used to rack up a 140 million dollar bill would be if the credit card had a 140 million dollar line of credit. The Guinness Book of World Records clearly shows that the largest credit transaction in history was for a mere 1.2 million, and that was four years ago.

Shut up, fuck off, eat shit and live.

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