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Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 20:7 -0000
Subject: You're Cool As Fuck , Please Read ...
hi .
i am kerim and i'm 15 years old .
I like attrition very much and you're the best .
I'm using computer since i was 6 .
I want to be a security specialist but how ?
Where can i learn coding in c & perl easily ?
What is needed for being a security expert ?
What must i know ?
Can i find you at Irc ?
Which is the best os for you ?
Linux - Windows - BSD - HP-UX - Solaris ?
How can i protect my Linux from hackers ?
What programs are you using ?
please , please , please reply dear(s)
thx ...

To answer your questions..

On your own
Whatever works for you
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
by securing it
SSH, bash and pico to respond to you

what is with people calling us 'dear'?

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