From: lethal (
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 05:59:02 0000
Heya, I'd just felt like mailin some random ppl whom 
I dont know, and tell them a lil 'bout myself. I go 
by the nick alias lethal or LethaLDose but eitherone 
will do, I'm currently bored outa my mind.  I'm a 12 
yr old kiddie that knows how to DDoS so uhmm "fear" 
me! yea thats right buh... yup, other then that I hang 
online 22/7 mainly due to the 2 hours i need for random 
man-whoring.  Uhmm, i run my compaqies with pride? same 
with my good ol 386 and 486's (2).  I'm a serious loser 
in life, too f'n ugly to get even the ugliest mama
\I must admit though, if you actually take care of this 
e-mail, or i mean are still readin this within all the 
other useless mail u might have received I congragulate 
you by this, and as a reward I will post some interesting 
info if you'd like...but whatever cuz I dont know shit, 
just got some info to share for the people here and there.
Wanna find out more? contact me thru detective and I'll 
be waitin...oh yea i fly on InTrac ocassionally, ya 
know...just another one of them unknown to the public IRC 
netwerks.  Yup, anyhoo some chick is hollering so I'll 
step up now. Ciao.
lethal (A.k.a. LethaLDose)

"random man-whoring", have you met Munge yet?

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