From: Bruce Bates (
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 12:10:34 
Subject: hacking site
Hello I am the owner of the 31337 hackers. What we are is a large group of 
people who are all about information. We are not about hacking scripting or 
anything else. All the 31337 hackers do is trade late breaking information 
and the best new tools. We keep each other informed with what we find. We 
are currently making what we hope will be the largest hacking chat on the 
net. We are trying to make it even easier for hackers to get the information 
they need. Basically we want an weasier way to get information flowing. We 
are asking for help from sites around the net. What we would like is simply 
for a link to our chat from your site or zine. Also we hope you will reply 
one way or another so we can keep accurate count of who will support us. 
Currently the list below is a partial list of those willing to support us 
and a special thanks to HAO for offering us severs for our chat.
Leader of Hackers Against Tyranny Everywhere
HAO World Industries Global Headquarters
The New Colony (T.N.C.) Http://
Splatter Industries, Inc.
Also if anyone has any way they feel they can help (hardware, software, 
servers, bandwidth, cracks, whatever) please feel free to contact us asap. 
We hope to get your continued support on this project.

Continued support? It makes us shudder to think that we have somehow supported you already.

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